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omnomfandom's Journal

Fandom-related treats!
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Where fans can post their geeky culinary masterpieces!
Completely devoted to your fandom? Love to cook? Well, why not combine the two? This is a community dedicated to the most delicious fanworks of all--food! Please share all recipes, photos, and hilarious anecdotes regarding your culinary masterpieces with us here--the tastier the better~!

A Couple Ground Rules

1. Be nice and respectful of your fellow fans! No derogatory comments based on another fan's baking ability. Or really, any nasty, derogatory comments period. Also, no fandom wank. That means no shipwars, fandom bashing, character bashing, or anything even remotely like that. Remember that this is a comm based on delicious treats, guys. It should be a happy, cheerful place!
2. Please only post your own work. There are tons of amazing fandom foodstuffs out on the interwebz, and it's always lovely to hear about them--but this community is for the delicious food you've had the pleasure of making (and tasting!) yourself.
3. All luscious treats should be fandom-related. And even the non-luscious ones. That's the point of this comm, guys.
4. Photos are awesome! This really wouldn't be a cooking comm without ginormous picspams of tasty treats. But please post them under a cut. As much as we all love snacks, sometimes people's bandwidth doesn't. :(
5. Curious about how to make the perfect ratatouille? Just can't get your sea salt ice cream salty enough? Recipe and tip requests and are a-okay.
5. NO SPAM unless you happen to be cooking with it. Monty Python fans, I'm looking at you.